Why do dogs urinate inside?

Many people wonder, why do dogs urinate or defecate in the house in the first place?

Assuming your puppy has grown sufficiently to have some control over their bodies and you’re following a good house training schedule, it’s likely there’s a clear and solvable reason for their mistakes.

The first thing to keep in mind is that your dog isn’t doing it to spite you and they want to be clean and to please you. But sometimes other instincts or outside influences get in the way.

Here are the six most likely causes if you’re seeing repeated accidents:

  1. You’ve not taken your puppy to their bathroom spot with enough frequency and they cannot hold it.
  2. The smell of a previous accident remains and is attracting your dog back to the same spot to toilet there repeatedly.
  3. Eliminating in a particular spot has now become a habit.
  4. A Change in diet.
  5. A change in routine.
  6. A Health problem.

How To Avoid Accidents In The First Place – Solving The 6 Common Causes

Referring to the previous section:

To solve reason 1, you need to work on your house training schedule and be more vigilant.

To solve reason 2, you need to clean the area far more thoroughly! You will learn exactly why and how to do so in this article.

To solve reason 3, you need to supervise your puppy far more closely and do not allow them the opportunity to eliminate there. You have to break the habit.

To solve reason 4, you need to keep your puppy on the same food. Any sudden changes in a puppy’s diet will almost certainly result in an upset tummy and a few days of diarrhea. Also, too many treats can cause more frequent and unpredictable bowel movements so put a limit on treats.

To solve reason 5, you need to work on keeping everything your puppy does to a strict routine and schedule. Without one, who knows when they need to eliminate? What goes in on a schedule, comes out on a schedule. Randomly feed, they will randomly poop.

To solve reason 6, if you’ve ruled out the previous 5 reasons by taking appropriate action, all that’s left is a medical problem and you should take your dog to see a vet.

Health issues such as urinary incontinence and bacterial bladder infection are common in puppies, while diabetes is a common cause of incontinence in older dogs.

All these conditions and more could be responsible for your dog being unable to control themselves and only a vet can rule them out or treat it

When you have worried about all of these issues, it might be time to invest in a pet vacuum to help clean up these messes and preventing damage, stains or odor in your home while your puppy is house trained.