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Chemspec  possesses  four  production  sites in east of China.  All of them are located in national or provincial industrial

parks.  Well  equipped  with  various  kinds  of reactors,  the sites have the ability to conduct most of the classic organic


Overview of the four production sites:

Shanghai Site

Land area:  65,000m2      Employee:  430

Number of workshop: 11  Reactor size:  50L~6300L

Taixing Site ( Jiangsu province)

Land area:  30,000m2     Employee:  170

Number of workshop: 7  Reactor size:  500L~5000L


Quzhou Site 1 (Zhejiang province)

Land area:  55,000m2     Employee: 135

Number of workshop: 5  Reactor size:  1000L~5000L


Quzhou Site 2 (Zhejiang province)

Land area:  22,700m2     Employee:  110

Number of workshop: 2  Reactor size:  500L~3000L

Production equipments in the four sites:

  • Reactor Volume:  2.0 Million Liters
  • Reactor Size:  30-10,000 Liters
  • Operating temperature:  -80 ℃ to 240 ℃






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